Anchoring Your Practice With TeleHealth

The world changed. How we adapt and how quickly we respond affects whether medical practices, like small businesses, will stabilize, expand, sell, or fail.  


Business Guidance

Practices are complex systems with a lot of moving parts. And it's impacted by outside forces out of your control. Here you'll find points of view based on studies and our learnings from helping clinicians and organizations achieve their goals. What's your next move? Don't know—get a consult.

TeleHealth Weaves into Your Practice Workflow

Telehealth's low utilization before Covid-19 has turned into projections of over a billion annual telehealth visits, largely due to relaxed rules and necessity during the crisis.

Maintaining these gains requires integrating our virtual and face-to-face clinical practice modalities. So, “How do we integrate our new workflows with the old, and how do we maximize the benefits of these changes?”

TeleHealth's Stabilizing Effect on Finances & Billing

CMS recently loosened its rules on TeleHealth reimbursement and there is a move to make it permanent for coverage. Private insurers already reimburse virtual visits.

Virtual health can positively impact your bottom line through cost savings for you and patients while bringing new revenue into your practice.

TeleHealth Helps Improve CMS Measurement and Patient Satisfaction

What if your patients became active contributors in their health outcomes? How would that change your practice? Efficiencies in administering and growing special programs such as wellness, weight management and chronic disease management could be realized. Alternative means to treating patients using telehealth/telemedicine ensures your ability to maintain the patient continuum of care accompanied by the necessary revenue streams to equip your practice.


General Guidance

Grab a playbook from trusted resources and guidance from CMS regarding HIPAA and Security. Check out the resource center for more information and thought leadership.

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