TeleHealth Solutions 

We have taken the time to find and evaluate the existing set of TeleHealth solutions. We make no claims on how exhaustive or comprehensive this set is. If you have a solution that you think should be included, please email us at

CGM ELVI Telemedicine

CompuGroup Medical's HIPAA-certified telehealth solution offers providers the ability to engage with patients via web, phone, or mobile app from anywhere in minutes. CGM ELVI uses a secure, peer-to-peer connection when connecting providers and patients. It's the most secure way to protect patient information during a telehealth consultation. Because it is a web-based solution, CGM ELVI works regardless of whatever EHR system a practice uses. Telemedicine is easy and quick to implement, and the CGM ELVI app—available in both the Google Play and iTunes app stores—is available for patients who are more comfortable using their mobile device.

GTS Virtual Health

GTS VirtualHealth is an open architecture Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth SaaS platform. The platform provides a modular solution, customized specifically to the patient needs, providing a full suite of real time connectivity between patient, payors and caregivers. Our most unique differentiator is that our open architecture allows us to integrate virtually any Bluetooth enabled monitoring device allowing customers to leverage their existing and future investments in vital devices and collect all data in a single portal. GTS VirtualHealth is:
• Remote Patient Monitoring
• Data Collection and Management
• HIPAA Compliant Patient/Caregiver Video Conferencing
• Bluetooth Peripheral and Vitals Capturing Devices
• EMR Integratable

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