TeleHealth Up and Running in 48 Hours

TeleHealth is a brand new island for most. Whether it is Gilligan's Island or Jamaica is completely up to you and your team. We can help you make it the paradise you deserve and provide you with the advice that you need right now. If you need a quick infusion, help with planning, help with selection, or dedicated access to resources and guidance. 

48 Hour Jump Start

Start Using TeleHealth to See Patients beginning Hour 49

The Jumpstart is both needs assessment and customization of best practices, with the goal of implementing the right telemedicine solution for your practice. 
You’ll have our team creating the roadmap, answering questions, and supporting your launch. Or relaunch. And, since we’re independent, you’ll get answers without a sales pitch.
The Jumpstart has 3 tracks:

The Patient Track focuses on delivering excellent experiences before, during, and after the visit. The Clinician Track supports telemedicine as an alternate modality that makes clinician lives more productive, yet easier. And the Practice Track reduces conflicts, streamlines operations, improves billing cycles, and avoids security/compliance issues. 

Here’s how a Jumpstart works:

  1. Together, we schedule your launch date.

  2. We’ll immediately begin our assessment.

  3. We’ll deliver a diagnosis, action plan, checklists, and useful templates.

  4. Our teams will work together to ensure the pieces are in place and working properly before launch.

  5. We’ll support your launch date to help make it a success.

While 48 hours isn’t a lot of time, it’s all that stands between your practice now, and one with a smoothly running, integrated, and profitable telemedicine capability. Contact us for pricing and scheduling options.


Help With Provider Selection

Selecting a platform that works for you, your team and your patients is a complex decision-making process. In general, patients and providers desire easy to use applications possessing high audio and video quality. And let's face it, if audio and video were the only criteria for telehealth and telemedicine then selecting one would be easy. But it's not. Your complex environment calls for smooth and invisible integration into normal workflows, population management, and remote monitoring for those with chronic diseases, along with the simple tasks including writing scripts, exporting notes, and getting specialist consults.


As healthcare evolves past the pandemic, fee for service, and mastering new delivery methods, add to the new narrative. You need partners who demonstrate equal diligence to improving patient experience and team satisfaction, practice efficiency and cost savings, and embedded HIPAA compliance and sophisticated security.  


Understanding how to drive out the best value for your practice often eludes the most diligent consumers of technology. “Apples to apples” comparisons are difficult and arbitrary at best. Add-ons, modules, updates, onboarding  & setup fees, licensing structures, and support & subscription options muddle the mix.


Some solutions offering an initially “free” option come with deferred costs such as implementation or support fees. These simplistic solutions often do not meet stringent HIPAA and security requirements. Would a solution with ease of use and higher patient and provider utilization rates garner a premium? We believe so.


Finally, it’s important to think about what’s next for healthcare and if a platform is likely to support it. Two areas we expect to be big; patient support — individualizing the entire patient journey, and population management — including remote device monitoring.


We’ve built the TeleHealth Market to make platform comparisons easier.

Image by Alvaro Reyes

Telehealth Advisory

Our TeleHealth Advisory function is a monthly service for healthcare practitioners who need the dependability, consistency, and reassurance of expert support and guidance when they need it.


With this dedicated resource, you receive four 15-minute consulting sessions, free access to our webinars, push notifications on updates in the telehealth and telemedicine markets, and access to our premier content on the TeleHealth Market.


In our sessions, we can efficiently and effectively help you triage issues, clear bottlenecks, proactively navigate potential obstacles, craft, revise, and optimize your telehealth practice strategy, analyze potential pitfalls or weaknesses, and maximize your patients’ experience and your business’ bottom line.