Independent Evaluation of Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+): Second Annual Report

The Independent Evaluation of Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+): Second Annual Report to CMS covers the first two years of CPC+ for the 2,905 practices in regions that began CPC+ in 2017.

The report examines:

  1. engagement in CPC+ by payer partners and health IT vendors and participation by practices;

  2. the supports practices received;

  3. how practices implemented CPC+ and changed the way they delivered health care; and

  4. the early impacts of CPC+ on cost, service use, limited claims-based quality-of-care outcomes, and patient experience for attributed Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries.

An overview of findings from the Second Annual report is available in the two page Findings At a Glance. Additional detailed information can be found in the Second Annual Report: Supplemental Volume and the Second Annual Report: Appendices to the Supplemental Volume.

Key Findings:

  • CPC+ continued to provide practices with significant supports in the second program year (2018), including enhanced and alternative payments, data feedback, individualized and group learning supports, and health IT vendor support.

  • CPC+ practices continued to change care delivery.

  • As in the first year of CPC+, practices thought their work was making a difference, but found aspects challenging.

  • Primary care transformation takes time to implement.

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