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Helping healthcare practitioners find the right TeleHealth solution to stay connected to patients

TeleHealth gives you the freedom to engage patients, colleagues, and staff from any location. 

We Believe

COVID-19 became the catalyst reshaping the face of healthcare.


Your commitment during this pandemic to help patients stay healthy, to employ safety measures for your team all while running a healthcare business during a pivotal and historic shift in healthcare delivery is a lot to digest.


Needless to say, we've become admirers.

The TeleHealth Market is our contribution to helping you navigate the ever-expanding field of telemedicine solution providers.  


Why it Matters?

Change brings uncertainty and opportunity. While one can connect with patients using video or Facetime, that's just one component of a virtual health program. True TeleHealth and TeleMedicine programs help manage the continuum of care along with EMR, while meeting business and compliance obligations.
Let's work together to:

  • bring financial stability to your practice—continue to see patients when office visits are prohibitive or inconvenient

  • stay connected to patients and care plan progress to help improve patient  outcomes and satisfaction

  • manage competition for patients from employers and insurers offering patient incentives to use their Telehealth service 

We recommend answering a five-minute discovery questionnaire to hone-in your priorities.


What You'll Find

You'll find unbiased evaluations of TeleHealth solution technologies in order to help you select the best possible solution for your practice. While assessing, we've paid close attention to HIPAA and security regulatory compliance.

Also, there are reference resources from the American Medical Association, American TeleHealth Association, Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services among others in the TeleHealth Resource Center.

And if you need assistance, we're here to help you implement jump start your program with TeleHealth in 48 hours. We offer other consults to assist you in creating and executing a patient-centered TeleHealth program. Contact us for a complimentary 30-minute consult.

Happy Children

"TeleMedicine will become the core methodology of healthcare delivery of the future. This is where we are going to get the efficiencies to provide affordable care."



Yulun Wang,

President of the American TeleMedicine Association

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Connecting with your patients, keeping your business going, and ensuring all aspects of your service ecosystem work in your favor requires guidance.


We can help.


Safeguarding your patients' privacy, assuring the network security of your practice's virtual solutions, and warranting compliance with all necessary legislative regulations remains a delicate balancing act. 

You can find resources here.



Seizing the opportunities Telehealth poses opens up a new world for a lot of us. Successfully navigating this change requires planning—not trial and error.


Collaborating with trusted partners using the latest best practices creates an equable path.


Implementing technology often feels like an endurance lesson--remember your EMR? Engaging expert advisors assure a fast, informed, and professional implementation reduces risk. 


Reduce your risk exposure and accelerate your path to success by engaging us.